Monday, August 27, 2007

Today we are 9!

Yep, today Grace and I turn 9 years old! First off we would like to send out a big congrats to our other litter-mates: Cosi (now living in Colorado), Sable (living in Georgia), and Suzy (also in Georgia).

Here we all are in one of our first family portraits. Actually Grace isn't in that photo because she was off exploring the world beyond the laundry basket at the time. (That's me on the right looking straight at the camera!)

Here is a picture of all of us several months later. (Grace and I are the ones closest to the back of the chair, Suzy is streached stomach up across the middle.)

Grace and I are remarkable felines, and have exhibited our special tallents from a young age. Syncronized jumping has long been one of our speciallities.

And now the big jump forward to this afternoon. Grace and I enjoyed a few moments in the laundry basket for old time's sake.

Of course it wasn't long before our mother came along and booted us out. She looks pretty happy doesn't she?



Its our birthday!!! . . . more later