Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hi Everyone!

My name is Riker, and if you think I’m a boy, you’re wrong! When my mother (Socks) had us kittens, the family didn’t think they could keep us. So, they called us by number as we came out. They named me Number One because I popped out first! :) After six weeks of calling me Number One, and discovering that I was going to remain with them for some time, they decided to give me the designation of Riker. Supposedly someone on TV named Captain Picard, called his first officer Number One. The family decided that since the first officer was a boy (and I’m a girl - as I mentioned earlier!), that they would give me his last name. . . Riker!

Let’s see, where was I? Oh! My hobbies include: chasing the ever illusive creature made of light, exploring (especially the mysterious, dusty, depths of the attic), playing with my favorite koosh ball, mooching food (family food), creating diversions during school, bird/squirrel/bug/pencil/emory board/etc. watching, oh, and sleeping. Personal goal in life: protect family from insurgent wicker baskets by destroying any that enter the house. I’m six years old, but everyone still treats me like a kitten.

If you hadn’t noticed though I’m really outgoing, so I claim everywhere as mine! I defer to no cat! (Unless of course they smack me on the head... or hiss at me) My favorite place is: I have lots of favorite places! I like the Boychild’s bed, that is my spot! But, I like desks too, especially during spelling or math tests.



Blogger Elizabeth said...

You can get to be quiet annoying at those times, but I love you still!

2:20 PM  

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