Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Warm Place in the Sun

Home Again

The Ashton Cats are home from Dairy Flat, and boy have things changed around here!

The most obvious difference is that Frank is gone! (archive photo at left) Frank's fish bowl was our equivalent of Bob's fish pond. It may have been a small, and sad comparison, but the lack of fresh fish flavored water will be greatly missed by all, especially after getting so spoiled at Bob and Lizzie's house. Oh, yeah, I guess we will miss Frank too.

The other big change is that the world seems all turned around. Freckles bookcases have been moved upstairs, and the whole living room arrangement has been flipped around. Freckles is very sad about all this. We, (cough), don't really, um, let her up in the master bedroom very often. So there are no more books for her to sit and stare at. She still has her blanket in the corner, but she looks pretty silly staring at the blank wall.

And! Would you believe the Ashton kids started school without me, their classroom kitty?! I couldn't believe it! It will be ok though. I am here now. Their pencils will not be allowed to move without my pouncing. The paper is safe with me on the job.

We all had a great time Bob and Lizzie! Thank you for inviting us! Next time you need to come visit us, we could show you the sights around Washington DC.