Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kitten Update

Socks Cat here bringing you an update on the kitten situation. We have decided to stop calling them aliens, and allow them to become part of the family. We still have occasional outbreaks of hissing, but we have for the most part accepted them as one of us. According to the Ashtons, the kittens may even start blogging over the upcoming Thanksgiving vacation. We go to Riker now for a report on the kittens' recent vet visit.

Hi mom! The kittens had another "well kitty" visit yesterday. According to inside sources they received their next round of jabs, and a clean bill of health report. Puddins weighed in at 3.6 pounds (1.632 kg) and Annika weighed 3.2 pounds (1.451).

In honor of Freckles, I should mention the fact that the kittens went to their visit in her blue travel box. For some reason that none of us have completely understood, that fact always seemed to be rather important to her. Back to you mom.

Thank you Riker. I think Tashi has a photo proving that we are indeed making headway in the getting along department. Tashi?

Yes Socks. We actually have some rather shocking footage of the amazing strides in friendly relations between Grace and Annika. Grace reportedly didn't hiss at her once during this whole incident.

Grace and Annika Snuggle

In my defence it was rather chilly that evening, and Annika was warm.

Well, what ever the case, I'm proud of you. :) That's it for now folks, Grace will hopefully have video for us in the next few days, so stay tuned.



Blogger Daniel said...

Way to go, kitties! Although one must wonder about the authenticity of Socks' pride. Madam Chaircat, tear down that hiss!

2:36 PM  
Blogger Socks said...

Ok, ok, the cats and the humans are saying that I should not be waxing eloquent on peace and harmony when I am one of the worst offenders in the hissing department. There. I have said it in public. I hiss. I resent that they stayed in MY favorite bathroom the first 3 weeks they were here. I resent that they always seem to be eatting the adult cat food instead of their kitten chow (although I must also admit their Iams kitten chow is pretty yummy). Now they are taking over MY gray chair. I mean, wouldn't you hiss??!! ... They are pretty cute though. At least from afar.

8:54 PM  

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