Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Girls Turned 10

Well, it has been 10 years since I gave birth to a squirming pile of kittens. Riker and Grace are both doing well, and got excellent reports from the vet a few weeks ago. In fact, the vet was so impressed with Riker that he called in all of the techs from the back room and held her up and showed her off as an example of what a healthy, proper weight cat should look like. I was so proud.

Grace has been rather naughty lately, picking on Annika to the point of bloodshed. As a result she has been staying in the girlchild's room, and life has been much calmer ever since. She has been good, and content in her new little world (which she thinks she owns) and Annika is growing more confident and her wounds are healing.

The girls had a relaxing birthday. Grace was allowed out on the couch in the living room under supervision, and Riker and I spent some quality time together.

Grace turns 10

Riker turns 10



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