Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Scoot over, it's my turn!

I am the Graceful Bulldog. The family claims they named me that because I’m not graceful at all, but that doesn’t make sense does it? My mother is Socks (I have inherited her long claws), and Riker is my sister.

My hobbies include: sleeping, eating (I can hear a kitty kibble pellet hit the bowl from anywhere in the house), puffing up my fur to show my happiness, purring, bird/squirrel watching, and prowling (my claws make a very cool clicking sound when I walk across the floor). Like Riker I am only six years old, but I am big enough and strong enough to qualify for prime real-estate on the master bed.

My favorite place is on my Mistress’s lap every morning (I have to compete with a book with B I B L E written on it, but she makes sure I have room), or sitting on the cedar chest looking out the window at the garden.



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