Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tiba 1990 - 2007

The Ashton's are mourning the passing of "The Lady of the Hall." Tiba became a part of the family just a few weeks after Daniel and Vicki got married and has been a key member in it ever since. She will be greatly missed.

When Tiba was a kitten, one of her favorite places to nap was the C-bouts of the cello. Vicki never managed to get a picture of her napping in it though. By the time she had the camera out and ready Tiba would move. (Vicki had not yet gone through the motherhood stage of "baby learns to walk" in which one learns to be constantly prepared to snap a picture.)

Tiba, like most cats, loved birthdays, even if they weren't hers.

She also loved finding a warm place to take a nap. She figured you got extra points if you made it difficult for the peoples to get work done.

Tiba's best catfriend was Chella. Chella passed away back in 2001. I think Tiba missed her. I know the peoples have.

~~ Ashton Cat Names ~~
The Ashtons are very musical, and when they got their first cat they decided to name her something musical, without it being obvious. They finally settled on the name Tiba which was meant to be "tuba" with an "i" in the place of the "u." It was pronounced Tee-bah. Their second cat they named Chella which was "cello" with an added "h" and an "a" in the place of the "o." It was pronounced Chay-lah. The plan of morphing instrument names into names for their cats was thwarted by their next cat which was named Whiskers before they got her. The musical theme came back briefly when Forte walked in the door one day and decided it looked like a nice place to settle down and have one's kittens. Forte, like her name implies, was quite noisy. She meowed loud, she purred loud, but from what I've heard she was a real sweetheart. By the time Grace and I were coming on the scene the Ashtons were rescuing so many cats at the same time that there wasn't really time for clever musical name morphs, but we are cool with that. After all, that's how I ended up being called Number One.

This is one of the pictures taken of Tiba during a photo shoot for the portrait that is the masthead of this blog. I wasn't born yet, but I assume she was taking a moment to relax from the rigors of modeling.

Tiba loved to watch things on the computer. Whether it was cheetah cub cams, or a movie with a friend.

She also loved shmousie toys, she was playing with one and acting just like a kitten a couple days ago.