Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Good-Looking Shy-Guy

I was a little feral cat. Now I am a big house cat. I was born in the dawn of the new millennium. I spent a very cold winter looking in at the warmth, and comfort of Ashton Hall. The family gave me food and a cozy bed on porch. I would watch them until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. In February of 2001 the family coaxed me inside with warm milk, and after the first few terrifying days, I have never looked back.

Being the youngest, and the only male cat in the house, I spend a lot of my time begging forgiveness and mercy from the other cats. My hobbies include: watching the family from a safe distance, performing tricks for treats (I can sit up on my back feet for cheese), licking/tasting things, sleeping, eating, perfecting my pitiful “ow” meow, and generally acting subservient (I’m really good at that).

I don’t really have a domain, but sometimes my Aunt Freckles lets me share her blanket. My favorite place is the couch, and anywhere in my young mistress’ room.



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