Monday, September 24, 2007

Alien Invasion - A Second Special Report

Riker Cat here, standing in for Socks, bringing you a LIVE Special Report. Socks didn't feel like reporting today because she is very upset about several incidents this weekend involving the kittens. The kittens were seen on multiple occasions climbing around on not only Mum Ashton, but on The Bearded One too! In my mother’s eyes this is profoundly unacceptable! We go now to Tashi who has obtained some photos of the situation.

Good morning Riker. Things escalated last night when Puddins climbed up to The Bearded One’s shoulder to take a quick sniff at Socks. Socks dealt with the situation quickly and efficiently by hissing and spitting at the youngster. Puddins understood that universal language very well and backed off. As we all know, Socks is very protective of the back of the gray chair, and Puddins probably had no clue as to the sacrilege she was committing by approaching that area. Of course, all of this comes on top of the kittens’ continued encampment in her Front Bathroom. We see here Socks’ delayed reaction.
I Can't Look

She was averting her eyes from scenes like this. You can see why she was so unsettled. It is hard to stay mad in the presence of such intense cuteness.
Annika and Puddins

Yes, it is Tashi. Thank you. We go now to Grace who has been working on a movie of the kittens for us. Grace how is it going?

Hello Riker. I am not only awake today, but I have completed the movie*! You can see it here. Be patient, it may take a few minutes to load. You could take a nap maybe. {Purrrrrr} {Yawn}

Thank you Grace, we'll try that. This is Riker Cat signing off.

* This home movie was set to the music of Gillbert and Sullivan's "With Cat Like Tread" from The Pirates of Penzance. Performed by The King's Singers.



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