Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Alien Invasion - Special Report

Socks Cat here bringing you a Special Report. The new Ashton Kittens visited the vet today and have just returned home. To get the story we join Tashi who is on location by the front bathroom.

Tashi: The kittens are back in the bathroom Socks. Apparently the vet visit went well. All tests for diseases and worms came back negative, however the doctor said that as they are probably only about five weeks old, and the tests are not really conclusive at this young an age. This is good news for the Ashton Cats because the kittens are to be quarantined for an additional two weeks at which point they will be tested again.

Socks: But Tashi, that means that the aliens will be remaining in MY front bathroom for two whole more long weeks!

Tashi: Yes Socks, but don't forget, that also means they will not be encroaching on other areas of prime real estate around the house such as the bedrooms or kitchen.

Freckles: ThemS tOok ttHe Ki10s 2 Da vEt In miNE bLuE bOx! ThEmS wiLL NeED 2 use MinE BOx aGin!

Socks: True on both counts. We go now to Riker who has some new information.

Riker: Yes mom. Grace and I have been keeping our ears open and it has come to our attention that the Ashtons have named the kittens! This is sure evidence that our days of being "the five" Ashton Cats, are soon to be over. We will soon be seven in number.

Socks: So Riker, what are the kitten's names?

Riker: Well mom, kitten #1, weighing in at 1.2 pounds (that's 0.544 kilograms for our friends overseas), has been named Puddins after Shtinky Puddin in the Mutts Comic Strip. She appears to be very adventureous and is a remarkable escape artist. Aside from being the slightly larger of the two she can also be distinguished by several pale orange calico markings.


Kitten #2, weighing in at 1 pound even (0.453 kilograms), has been named Annika. She gets her name from a Star Trek character who is more commonly known as Seven. The Ashtons figured it was appropriate since she was the seventh cat in the family. Annika is very playful, but is already showing a strong aptitude in the napping department. She seems to be rather proud of her purr-fect grey and white tabby markings.


Socks: Thank you Riker, that is most interesting. We go now to Grace who is working on a special project.

Grace: {Yawn} Morning Mum.

Socks: Grace, it's late afternoon. What do you have for us?

Grace: Right. Sorry. {Yawn} I have been compiling a video of the four kittens for our audience's viewing pleasure.

Socks: You do realize their are only two now don't you?

Grace: When did that happen?

Socks: Sunday.

Grace: Oh. Well, I'm doing the best I can. It's not my fault it has been perfect napping conditions the last few days. Hopefully I will be able to get the movie done by the end of next weekend. As you know this will have been my first attempt at such things so I'm not making any promises as to quality. After all naps are much more important.

Socks: Ok Grace, just do the best you can. Ok folks, join us next time when we explore the questions of the future assimilation of the kittens into the ranks of the Cats of Ashton Hall elite, specifically, how long will it be before they can type?! Until next time, I'm Socks Cat, signing off.



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