Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 7

The star in today's big event was, of course, the mouse. Lacking the live variety, the girls made due with several stuffed ones. They didn't seem to mind at all since they have never experienced the real thing anyways.

Riker began the event with a classic snatch. Note the extended claws.

She followed this up with a very effective grab.

She subdued her prey using some rapid rear leg movement.

It was all over so quickly she asked if she could have another.

This vermin was also delt with swiftly. She was of course very proud of herself, so she brought her prize over for me to see.

At the sight of such a wonderful little shmouse, I lost my head for a moment and grabbed it away from her. This was of course met with severe agitation on her part.

She was really quite upset with me, even after she calmed down. In hindsight I realize I really should have shown more restraint.

After a brief break, Grace was allowed to take her turn in the event. She easily caught her shmouse, and as is normal for her, did it with the least possible expended energy.

She did enjoy a brief battle with her prey, but it was all over very quickly.

When it was over she took a well deserved rest.

One final note, the shmousies were well hidden, and the event coordinators have not yet located them.

Tune in to Bob the Ocicat's Catnetwork News for continuing coverage of the 2004 Ocilympic Games.



Blogger Kiwi blogger said...

Todays quote from Bob

"Mice are like ball point pens , the more you get the less you have"

Love the pictures


8:36 PM  

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