Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Further Furniture Evidence


Grace here. First of all I would like to bring it to the attention of the judges that the photographer missed a spot earlier. I am rather proud of this hole. When I am really motivated I like to climb inside. On more lazy days, I just drop mousie toys and pencils in there. Vicki has attempted to stitch it back together several times, but I believe it is much more pleasing to look at this way.

As an update for my performance, I would like to submit the following pictures. Bob said, and I quote, "Adtiondial ponits for lokonig pathteic if caguht in the act and dobule ponits for blainmg it on “smoe otehr cat." (She typed that herself! I think she is getting quite good.)

What I like to do when I am caught clawing the couch, is to be so cute or humorous that they will over look the fact that I was being naughty. In this picture I quickly changed gears from attacking the couch, to attacking the pencil. For some reason my humans think we are quite cute when we do silly things like that. Maybe it is just that they are relieved that I'm not scratching the furniture anymore. I'm not sure, but it seems to work.

In hopes of being able to double my points, I would like to submit the following photograph of Tiba pawing the couch as incriminating evidence. I have seen her do this many times before, and so have several other Ashton cats. {purrrrr}


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