Friday, September 03, 2004

A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 9

At long last the day of the jumping events has come and gone. Riker has been unbearably eagar for this day since the start of the games, maybe now that it is over life can settle down (not that she isn't looking forward to future events, this is just one that she has practiced for continually). She was very impressed with Lizzy's tree climbing prowess, and regrets that she is not allowed out by the Ashtons that she might try it. She does like to climb the bathroom door molding, but Vicki was not able to snap the picture at the right time to document it. Before I set about showing you how Riker did in the climbing event, I should also let you know that Grace was not at all interested in participating today. Her official statement was that "The sun was at that perfect slant through the window. One simply can not fool around and miss enjoying something like that!" That said, here are Riker's attempts.

For her first jump, she went for her favorite place, the banister. Just to prove her balancing skill she took a little nap.

Of course, being Riker, it wasn't a very long nap. She was soon up and stretching/pacing.

She also exhibited good form as she watched the lights on the ceiling and debated whether it would be prudent to jump for the cord hanging from the drop down stairs to the attic. (She wisely decided against this)

After a short break she decided to try leaping atop some bookshelves. The viewer will note that she chose the highest point she could.

In closing I thought you might like to see where Riker got her inspiration. She was a very little kitten when this picture was taken of Lucy (aka Leaping Lucy). Lucy now lives in Southern California with my daughter Suzy-Q. As I recall, she jumped up on the towel rail quite regularly as a kitten.

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Blogger Grace said...

I would just like to further state in my defense, that it is a very high jump onto the Ashton's bed. Its elevation is much higher, than say, the couch.

11:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leaping Lucy here... Or rather, (as I am often known now) Lazy Lucy. Haven't tried the towel rack thing in years. The ones in this house tend to fall out of the wall quite unpredictably. However, I do still value a top-bookshelf nap at least once a day. But honestly, isn't the top of the couch (by a bright, sunny window) quite sufficient?

1:13 PM  
Blogger Kiwi blogger said...

We really like the bookcase picture


4:07 PM  

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