Wednesday, September 08, 2004

A Busy Day

As if the Ocilympics haven't been keeping me busy enough these days, the Ashtons received a huge white board this week.

I, of course, took my role in the proceedings very seriously. The e-mail had said that on receipt of the package you must inspect it closely for any possible damages. I performed this check most thoroughly. I found the packaging particularly interesting, but they drug that outside rather more quickly than I would have wished. None of us had ever seen that much cardboard before, it was wonderful! But alas, it was quickly hustled out to the curb in hopes the recycling people would take it (they did).

Next, I was put in charge of making sure it didn't fall over while they moved desks and things out of the way in the classroom. They did give me a helper, the grey chair. It wasn't a very good helper though, because whenever I would jump up on it, it would rock, and that would make the white board wobble. It was a lot of fun, but I was clever enough to realize that if I wasn't careful, that chair was going to get me in trouble.

One of my other prime functions was to distract the Bearded One whenever possible.

I'm not in the next picture, but I suppose you should be able to see the result of all my hard work. This is the Ashton's home schooling classroom, complete with their nice new white board.



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