Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 8

After seaching extensively, the Ashtons have only been able to locate the blue mouse so far. While the girls did choose a rather small piece of furniture to hide it behind, it did bring about the movement of the table because Vicki saw how much cat hair had accumulated, and prompty vacuumed where it had been.

Tashi has apparently been feeling left out. He had a mighty battle with a small toy lizard, and left it in the drinking water.

The search for the orange mouse continues. More later.


Sunday, August 29, 2004

A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 7

The star in today's big event was, of course, the mouse. Lacking the live variety, the girls made due with several stuffed ones. They didn't seem to mind at all since they have never experienced the real thing anyways.

Riker began the event with a classic snatch. Note the extended claws.

She followed this up with a very effective grab.

She subdued her prey using some rapid rear leg movement.

It was all over so quickly she asked if she could have another.

This vermin was also delt with swiftly. She was of course very proud of herself, so she brought her prize over for me to see.

At the sight of such a wonderful little shmouse, I lost my head for a moment and grabbed it away from her. This was of course met with severe agitation on her part.

She was really quite upset with me, even after she calmed down. In hindsight I realize I really should have shown more restraint.

After a brief break, Grace was allowed to take her turn in the event. She easily caught her shmouse, and as is normal for her, did it with the least possible expended energy.

She did enjoy a brief battle with her prey, but it was all over very quickly.

When it was over she took a well deserved rest.

One final note, the shmousies were well hidden, and the event coordinators have not yet located them.

Tune in to Bob the Ocicat's Catnetwork News for continuing coverage of the 2004 Ocilympic Games.


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 6

Today were the exciting "Syncronized Power Eating" and "Longest Sleep" events. The Cats of Ashton Hall have a proud history in the Power Eating event. The following is a picture from the 1998 State Championships.

Reading clock wise, starting from the 12 o'clock position, Tiba, Chella, Whiskers, Riker, me, Grace, and Suzy-Q.

The girls were surprised this morning when they discovered that Tiba had shown up in Auckland to cheer them on. She also had time to calm Grace's nerves just before the event.

A false start was called when spectators stormed the floor. The event coordinators quickly cleared the floor, and refilled the bowls. Someone was wise enough to announce kitty treats were being served at a nearby venue, and peace was soon restored.

As the girls coach, I was allowed to stay and watch their performance. I must admit that the temptation to join in was rather overwhelming, but I did manage to control myself. Over all, I think they did very well.

The "Longest Sleep" is a favorite among most cats. Grace really got into this event. She not only pulled off an incredibly long snooze, but she also displayed the beauty of this sport.

Riker once again had trouble with a sleep event. Her heart just wasn't in it. She would much rather be out practicing for balancing and jumping events. I finally managed to calm her down enough to take a short nap by letting her cuddle with me.

Remember to tune in to Bob the Ocicat for full Ocilympic coverage.


Monday, August 23, 2004

A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 5

This afternoon was a huge disapointment for Riker. We knew the "power nap" event was going to be a tough one for her, but I was frankly shocked that she was not able to settle down and go to sleep at all!

Grace also had trouble with this event but for other reasons. Bob's rules specifically stated that "you must appear asleep but at the slightest crinkle of a potato chip bag you must leap into the air and yell "Who me?" Poor Grace was so deeply asleep that she didn't even twich an ear. All well, tomorrow is another day.

See Bob the Ocicat for full Ocilympic coverage.


A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 4

My girls have just finished the "looking hopefully at the refrigerator whilst manipulating ones owner for maximum reward" event. The following documents their perfomances.

Grace began her attempt by staring pointedly at her empty bowl.

In what I felt was a very effective move, she turned sadly and gave the judges the "don't you love me any more" look.

Then, for a final flurish, she summoned all her strength and puffed up her tail fur. Purring loudly, she angelically brushed up against the refridgerator door.

In the true spirit of the games, Grace wished her sister luck as Riker went to take her place for her performance.

Riker started off by achieving eye contact with the judges.

Once she had their attention she pointed straight to the part of the door she knew should be opened.

Hoping for a possible 10 point routine, Riker threw caution to the wind and went for the amazing two footed begging position!

See Bob the Ocicat for Ocilympic updates.


A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 3

It is day 2 of competition, and Grace is very excited about today's events: "looking hopeful", and "power nap". I am worried a bit about her technique in "looking hopeful" though. She tends to take the buldozer approach to getting humans attention, not the sit still and look pitiful approach. Grace, is a pacer, leaner, and meower, she is very in your face when it comes to getting her idea across. I'm not entirely sure how this will go over in Dairy Flat, but hopefully it will work out well.

After the way Riker literally threw herself into yesterday's dirty paw competion, she is actually looking forward to the power nap event. This was quite a surprise both to herself, and the whole US team. Perhaps its the jetlag.

More later today as events unfold.


Sunday, August 22, 2004

A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 2

The girls are pretty tired out after their first day of competition. It took quite a bit of time getting cleaned up after the "muddy paw prints on the clean car event," but they are clean and content at last.

See Bob the Ocicat for Ocilympic updates.


Supporting Our Friends

Three of us have stayed home, Tiba, Tashi, and um... me! We like to watch the Ocilympics and cheer for our friends.
Here, my nephew Tashi and Girlchild are watching the "Who put the muddy paw prints on the clean car?" event.

See Bob the Ocicat for Ocilympic updates.


Friday, August 20, 2004

A Mother's Ocilympic Journal - Part 1

Grace, Riker and I are off to Dairy Flat, Auckland, New Zealand for the 2004 Ocilympics. "Yes, the Ocilympics, that drug free alternative games for small furry things with a feline heritage." For full details tune in to Bob the Ocicat's Catnetwork News.

My girls have been training very hard and have high hopes for scoring well in certain events. Here, Grace is practicing for the Snatch and Grab event, weights/birds... whichever.

While many of the cats involved are looking forward to competing in such things as the marathon sleeping event, Riker has more athletic ambitions. Prior to leaving for Dairy Flat, she worked out very hard racing around and leaping to the highest points in the house. She also put in a great deal of time on the balance beam (banister). In the following picture she is practicing for the more popular "howling" and "why-are-humans-so-clueless look" events.

I have gone along with them on this trip as their mother, chaperon, and coach. After all, after a hard day, my kittens need someone to comfort them and lick their little faces clean.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Misunderstood Gifts and Toys

Lady Lynn left the computer open this morning. On the desktop was today's comic for 9 Chickweed Lane. Bob, this one is for you! (I am thinking in particular of your July 11 and 12 posts)

Click here to see August 11, 2004 Comic

When I was a kitten living on the Ashton's porch, I had a favorite toy. It was a baby squirrel tail. It was a beautiful grey, and it was very soft. I had caught it myself and was extreemly proud of it. I never could figure out why they didn't let me bring it with me when I decided to become an indoor house cat.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hiding Place

I'm hiding, I'm hiding, and no one knows where...
Isn't this great? I can see her, but she can't see me!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

My Favorite Things

I played with my shmousie toy today. I can throw it high in the air.

Lady Lynn took a picture of my favorite toys so you can see.

She also took a picture of our bowls. She knows I like to read. She is teaching the children Spanish and German. Now she is teaching me too.

This is my spot. I like to share it with my nephew Tashi. (You can see some of my favorite books behind Tashi.)